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Fiberglass Taping Machine

Fiberglass Taping Machine Fiberglass Taping Machine Fiberglass Taping Machine Fiberglass Taping Machine
Product name:Fiberglass Taping Machine

I Description

This machine is special designed for taping fiberglass and film to copper/aluminum wires, section area 5~40mm2.

It is of twin-head structure, each head has their own control system.

By adding high-frequency sintering device, this line can produce special film-taped magnet wires.

II Production flow

Pay-off → straightening→ polishing & cleaning → taping film → varnishing (impregnating tank 1# )→ concentric taping (fiberglass taping head 1#) → varnishing (impregnating tank 2#) → concentric taping (fiberglass taping head 2#) → varnishing (impregnating tank 3#) → towing (active towing device) → baking → varnishing (impregnating tank 4#) → baking → auxiliary towing device → applying self-adhering glue → baking → auxiliary towing → length counting → take-up

III Line buildup

3.1 Pay-off:

l  Vertical type, motorized elevating

l  Equipped with pneumatic tensioning device; tension is adjustable

l  Bobbin weight: 800kg.

3.2  Straightener:

l  5 horizontal, 5 vertical

l  Straightening rollers are made from MC nylon, no damage to copper wire surface

l  Roller diameter: 46mm

l  Distance between roller center: 80mm

3.3  Polishing & cleaning device

l  4 motorized brushes, 90 degree aligning

l  Brush material: Nylon

l  Brush rotating speed: 1440rpm

l  Motor for brush: 0.25kW

3.4 Film taping head

l  One single film taping head, taping max. two layers films

l  Suitable material: Kapton tape, polyimide film, mica tape, non-woven fabrics

l  Rotating direction can be adjusted, taping pitch is also adjustable 6~24mm

l  Tensioning device for film reel disk is mechanical constant tensioning

l  Automatic stop when film breaking off

l  Taping head frame, film disk plate and guiding wheel are made by aluminum alloy

l  Taping head is equipped with protection cover, full sealed, with view window and inner lighting lamp

l  Taping head clutching type: gear box clutching

l  Reducer: Planetary bubuliform, coaxial type

l  Towing wheel: made from aluminum alloy

3.4  Concentric fiberglass taping head

l  Concentric type taping

l  One line two taping heads (twin-head machine total 4 taping heads), each taping head can load 1 fiberglass yarn

l  Tension control method: mechanical constant tensioning

l  Each head has automatic stopping device when glass broke

l  Rotating direction is adjustable; taping pitch is also adjustable 2-10mm

3.5  Varnishing device, total 4 sets

l  According to requirement, one varnish can be placed before taping fiberglass

l  Impregnation tanks are equipped with electric heater

3.6  Towing device

l  Main towing wheel: integral structure, made by aluminum alloy, diameter 800mm, 7-groove, groove width 17mm

l  Auxiliary towing wheel: single wheel structure, diameter 800mm, 8-groove, groove width 17mm

l  Single-piece guide wheel: single wheel structure, diameter 800mm, groove width 17mm

l  All groove edges are chamfered, smooth and no damage to wire

 3.7 Baking oven, frame type

l  External surface is made by stainless steel

l  Transmitted by linear guide and linear bearing, stable movement

l  Both motorized and manual movement are available

l  One line has two ovens (twin-head machine has four totally)

l  Length of baking oven: 2000mm

l  Heating method: stainless steel heating tube

l  Temperature control: digital electronic adjusting instrument

3.8 Take-up device, horizontal type

l  Recoiling power: 3kW inverter control motor

l  Wire guiding method: by lighting rod, automatic

l  Loading & unloading method: motorized elevating, 0.55kW

l  Take-up reel weight: max. 80kg

IV Main technical data:

4.1 Suitable copper wire dimension: section area 5~40mm2

4.2 Whole line linear speed: 2.5~4m/min

4.3 Towing wheel diameter: 800mm

4.4 Film taping pitch: 6~24mm

4.5 Fiberglass taping pitch: 2~10mm

4.6 Baking oven: total 8 pieces, 2000mm long per piece (for twin-head)

4.7 Main driving motor power: 3kW x 2

4.8 Total line electric consumption: full load about 60kW

4.9 Line occupation: about 25m x 3.5m

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