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Dielectric strength test meter

Dielectric strength test meter
Product name:Dielectric strength test meter
This is a special for test dielectric strength of insulation oil.

- Automatic magnet mixing
- Testing time, mixing duration and stewing duration can be changed at any moment
- After every dielectric punctured, there are sound indications; If no need, sound can be shut off.
- Automatic detecting (automatic reset when start the meter)
-LED displaying
- Automatic test: test 6 times continuously, automatic average; then type out test data and average value.
- Test data can be stored for long time

- Electric power: AC 220V±10%, 50Hz±5%
- Measuring range: AC 0~80kV
- Limit current: 5mA
- Data storing: 360 units, one unit with 9 data (9 times)
- Measuring precision: 1.5%
- Voltage regulating speed: 2.5kV/s ±10%
- Pre-set defaults:
Dielectric puncture: 1~9 times
Mixing duration: 0~599 s
Stewing duration: 0~599 s
- Ambient condition: +5~40℃
- Weight: 28kg
- Dimension: 415 x 315 x 315mm

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