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Vacuum Oil-filling Plant

Vacuum Oil-filling Plant
Product name:Vacuum Oil-filling Plant
This plant is suitable for filling insulation oil to amorphous alloy transformers, HV oil-immersed instrument transformers, HV oil-immersed bushing and power capacitors under vacuum condition.
This plant can be operated full automatically and quantitatively.

- Oil filling under vacuum condition (heating function is optional); Automatically fill oil quantitatively after heating.
- Max. may adopt three-stage vacuum pump system which can reach ultimate vacuity 1Pa (empty tank), tank leakage ≤0.4bar•l/s, to ensure clean environment.
- There is an oil-gas separating catcher between vacuum tank and vacuum pump unit which can condense and reclaim some insulation oil and so avoid and reduce pollution to vacuum system by oil.
- Rectangular vacuum tank and door are joined by frame-type flange which will not deform for long time.
- Vacuum tank with heating function is heated by electric and heating media is heat conducting oil; Tank door is heated by electric heating plate. And so temperature-raising is uniform and reliable, no over-heat in local. Temperature evenness is ±3℃.
- When equipped with heating function, a heat exchanger is equipped in the heating system. When workpiece should be cooled, via this heat exchanger, conducting oil can be cold down and then tank temperature can be cold down accordingly. Workpiece temperature can be less than 70℃ so to reduce moisture regain during releasing from tank.
- All oil-filling pipeline and accessories are stainless steel.
- There is flow automatic control on the main pipeline. And there are flow meters on each branch for controlling filling amount.
- Equipped with PLC and industrial computer which can realize full automatic control on the whole process, such as heating, cooling, vacuuming and filling. It can also alarm over-temperature, automatically shut off water and air; It can supervise, record and print present or historical data (time, temperature, vacuity and filling amount).
Resource Requirement (provided by customer)
-Power Supply: Voltage: 380V; 3 phase 5 line; special electricity cabinet.
- Cooling Water: pressure ≥ 0.2mPa; flow > 5m3/h; temperature ≤25 ℃
- Gas Source: 0.4-0.6Mpa, consumption: 0.6 m3/min

Plant buildup
1) Vacuum tank, 1 set
2) Vacuum system, 1 set
3) Heating & cooling system (optional), 1 set
4) Oil metering system, 1 set
5) Hydraulic system (optional), 1 set
6) Low-temperature & normal temperature water system (optional), 1 set
7) Compressed air system, 1 set
8) Control system, 1 set
9) Auxiliary system, 1 set 

                                                                                  (for HV instrument transformer)

                       (for amorphous alloy transformer)                             (for power capacitor)
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