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Instrument transformer tester

Instrument transformer tester Instrument transformer tester Instrument transformer tester Instrument transformer tester
Product name:Instrument transformer tester

I Description

This instrument is for checking and calibrating voltage/current error, phase error, load impedance, admittance and polarity of potential transformer (PI) and current transformer (CT).

This globalfunction instrument transformer calibrator adopts differential measuring principle, quick measuring, accurate measuring result, strong diamagnetic, good stability, portable for site work.

For site work, there need some other assorted equipment:

²  0.05S grade precise standard PT and CT

²  Special control box for site test

²  PT/CT load box (2.5-60VA)

²  PT/CT special test cable

²  Special big current conductor

²  Primary current switch

II Main features

1)      Automatically measuring errors directly

2)      Automatically judging polarity

3)      Automatically switching measuring range according to measuring data

4)      Good adaptability to electric power source

5)      Full-screen menu prompting, simple operation

6)      Automatic data processing, full digital

7)      Automatic round-off measuring: round-off error data according to instrument transformer precision and judge whether exceeding regulation

8)      Can be linked with computer for stronger data managing functions

9)      Data saving, reviewing and printing

III Main technical data

1)      Ambient condition: 0-40, RH<80%

2)      Electric power source: 220V+/-10%, 50Hz+/-1%

3)      Measuring range:

²  Ratio difference: 0.001% under resolution ratio 0.001-9.99

²  Phase error: 0.01 minute under resolution ratio 0.01-600

²  Impedance: 0.001 Ω under resolution ratio 0.01-9.99

²  Admittance: 0.01Ms under resolution ratio 0.01-9.99

4)      Accuracy:

²  Combined with standard instrument transformer, calibrating 0.1-6.0 grades transformers, basic error as below:

In-phase component ΔX=±(X *2% + Y* 2% ± 2 words)

Quadrature component ΔY=±(X *2% + Y* 2% ± 5 words)

       Note: X and Y are absolute value of displayed on the instrument.

²  Impedance / admittance: 1.0 grade

²  Percentage: 1.5 grade

5)      Working range:

²  Voltage: 5%-150% Un (Un=100/3-150)

²  Current: 1%-150% In (In=1A, 5A)

6)      Polarity indication:

²  Current: 2%-10% of rated working current

²  Voltage: 2%-10% of rated working voltage

7)      Working load:

²  Voltage: a to X, about 0.2VA (100V)

²  Current: T0 to Tx, about 0VA

8)      Insulation test: power socket to body cover can withstand 1.5kV/1min

9)      Weight: about 3kg

10)  Dimension: 320 x 250 x 30mm

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