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transformer winding deformation tester

transformer winding deformation tester
Product name:transformer winding deformation tester

I Description

Transformer winding deformation tester is for checking deformation conditions of high voltage transformers.

It adopts two methods to checking deformation conditions: scan-frequency method and low-voltage impedance method.

II Main features

l  Two checking methods, up-to-date technology

l  No need to do any disassemblies for test, except for removing connecting busbar.

l  Split style structure, connection between main instrument and computer can be via USB or Ethernet network, plug and play.

l  All connectors have fault tolerance, site connection is safe and simple

l  High intelligence level, equipped with self-adapting filter, automatic range adjusting, automatic sampling frequency adjusting.

l  Adopts high speed high precision AD converter, good testing stability and repeatability, high testing accuracy, better than 0.1%

l  Equipped with expert diagnosing system, automatic diagnose winding conditions

III Specialty of testing software

l  Adopts windows platform, compatible win9X/windows2000/winXP

l  Loading 6 curves simultaneously, automatically calculate parameters of every curve, automatically diagnose deformation condition and provide conclusion for reference.

l  Strong software managing function, automatically save ambient condition parameters, providing basis for diagnosing winding deformation; automatically saving testing data, color printing test reports.

l  Humanistic software providing options for different conditions, no need many site inputs, convenient operation.

l  High intelligent software, press one key to finish all the test works

IV Main parameters of scan-frequency measuring section

l  Interface between instrument and PC: USB

l  Exciting signal source: self-owned standard sine wave exciting signal, output range can be adjusted by software, max. range is +/-10V; output impedance is 50Ω.

l  Two high speed parallel AD converter channels, each max. sampling ratio is 20Msps

l  Resolution of collecting channel: 12 bit

l  Max. dynamic error of collecting channel: 0.5%

l  Input impedance of collecting channel: 1MΩ

l  Measuring range: 1K-2MHz

l  Scanning method: linear or logarithmic distribution

l  Scanning frequency precision: frequency precision of output sine signal is not more than 0.01%

l  Max. measuring dot: 3000 dots

V Main parameters of low-voltage impedance measuring section

Voltage measuring index:

l Input voltage measuring range: 25V-500V (directly measuring); When doing impedance test, use AC240V or AC400V.

l Max. voltage: 600V

l Basic precision: 0.1%

l External potential transformer ratio: 1~10000

Current measuring index:

l  Input current measuring range: 0.5-50A (directly measuring)

l  Max. current: 50A

l  Basic precision: 0.1%

l  External current transformer ratio: 1~10000

l  Impedance measuring range: 0~100%

l  Impedance measuring precision: 0.1%

Power measuring index:

l  Power measuring range: 15W~10kW

l  Active power: 0.2% (power factor >0.5); 0.5% (power factor >0.01)

l  Reactive power precision: 0.5%

l  Apparent power precision: 0.5%

Power factor index:

l  Measuring range: 0.000~+/-1.000

l  Capacitive load: leading power factor

l  Inductive load: lagging power factory

l  Basic precision: 0.5%

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