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Vacuum Bottle Tester

Vacuum Bottle Tester
Product name:Vacuum Bottle Tester

I Description

Different to conventional power-frequency withstand voltage test method, this instrument adopts ionization charges sampling technology, quantitatively testing vacuity of vacuum bottles, not only find out whether the vacuum bottle in circuit breaker is in normal range, but also calculate life of some vacuum switch which leak very fast.

It can be used for controlling vacuum arc-extinguish chamber in the manufacturer; or used in vacuum switch manufacturer for receiving inspection; or used in subscriber for inspecting and overhauling vacuum switches.

II Main features

1)      Based on ionization charges sampling technology

2)      Special treatment to leakage current

3)      Can judge vacuum bottle which leaks completely

4)      PC controlling measuring via RS232 interface, calculating leakage and generating test database

5)      Built-in measuring curves of almost all the vacuum arc-extinguish chambers domestic and overseas

6)      Perfect input protection circuit and high voltage protection technology

III Main technical data

1)      Measuring range: 10-5~10-1Pa

2)      Measuring precision: less than 10% in the range of 10-4~10-1Pa

3)      Measuring resolution ratio: 10-5Pa

4)      When measuring leaked vacuum bottle, electric breakdown will happen

5)      Dimension: 500 x 330 x 250mm

6)      Weight: 12kg


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