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Digital Megaohm Meter

Digital Megaohm Meter
Product name:Digital Megaohm Meter

This series ohm meter is composed of medium/large scale integrated circuits, digital displaying, big output power, high short-circuit current, four voltage output grades.

It is suitable for measuring resistance of various kind of insulation materials, transformers, motors, cables and electric apparatus, etc.

I Main features:

l  Big output power, good loading capacity, good anti-interference (because of high tension aluminum alloy cover and big output short-circuit current more than 1.6mA)

l  Battery providing power; automatic shifting measuring range

l  Clear operation panel, LCD displaying

l  Direct measuring, no need load

II Main technical data

2.1 Ambient condition

Ambient temperature: 0~+45

Relative humidity: ≤85%

2.2 Output voltage grade: 500V, 1000V, 2000V, 2500V

2.3 Measuring range: 0~19999MΩ

2.4 Relative error: ≤±4%±1d

2.6 Max. output voltage: 2500V

2.7 Resolution ratio: 0.01MΩ, 0.1MΩ,1.0MΩ, 10.0MΩ

2.8 Voltage depreciation: about 10%

2.9 Short-circuit current: >1.6mA

2.10 Power supply: DC 7~9V (six 5# rechargeable batteries); AC 220V

2.11 Power consumption: Dynamic ≤160mW; max. 2.5W

2.12 Dimension: 220 x 200 x 105mm

2.13 Weight: about 1.4kg


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